Monday, March 24, 2014

Buta mata celik hati

Dia. Mencari pencipta. Disebalik kekurangan. Meskipun usianya masih hijau. 

You know nobody loves me. 

Not even Granny.

They all run away from me because I am blind

If I could see...

I would go to the local school with the other children

But now I have to go to the school for the blind..

On the other side of the world..

Our teacher said God love the blind more because they can't see..

But I told him if it was so, He would not make us blind so that we can't see Him

He answered; God is not visible.

He is everywhere. You can feel Him

You see Him through your fingertips..

Now I reach out everywhere for God  until the day my hand touch Him

And tell Him everything even all the secrets in my heart..

p/s: DIA dimana-mana sahaja... (^_^)